WSHV operates several Individualized Residential Alternatives (IRA) for people with a variety of disabilities. This program enables people to live as independently as possible while receiving quality support from our staff. Each of these programs are detailed below:

Kirschner home with white ramp and landscaping

Kirschner Residence

In May 2009, a residential program was opened by Wraparound Services of the Hudson Valley to serve young adults with multiple disabilities. The Lewis C. Kirschner Residence is located in Kerhonkson and is home to eight individuals with a wide variety of disabilities. People residing in the Kirschner Residence participate in community events, day training and day rehabilitation services. Some Kirschner residents also participate in supportive employment services. 

Koenig Residence

The Koenig Residence serves individuals with developmental disabilities who need supervision and training primarily in the area of independent living skills. These individuals may also, due to their level of physical disability, require physical assistance from staff in some of their personal care or in activities of daily living. Located in Kingston, Koenig residents have easy access to community events throughout the city.

Koenig Residence: Blue building with parking lot in front

Keresman Apartments: brown building with sliding glass doors

Keresman Apartments

The Keresman Apartments serve adults living in individual apartment units who have achieved a significant level of independence and not in need to traditional 24 hour supports. There are eight apartments located in Lake Katrine, just north of Kingston. Shopping malls, movie theaters, restaurants, and community activities are all located less than a half mile from the residence. Staff provide these individuals with the level of assistance, oversight and guidance they require based on their independent living skill needs. Individuals receive service plans provided by WSHV staff or by other service providers and include occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy or individual counseling.