All residences include Telehealth services in the home to lower the amount of unnecessary in-person visits to the doctor and emergency room.  Should a staff member observe a symptom connecting to a medical doctor can be completed within minutes. WSHV believes that the people that we support have the right to choose (and are encouraged to) a preferred medical provider. Wraparound Services of the Hudson Valley provides routine and specialized medical services through the use of community providers. These providers include:

  • Center for the Disabled
  • Gina Perez MD Psychiatry
  • Helen Hayes Hospital
  • Institute for Family Health
  • Janet Tamai M.D. Neurologist
  • Kingston Area Independent Primary Care Physicians
  • Kingston Family Practice
  • Kingston Hospital
  • Leonard Pickard M.D. Neurologist
  • Pine Street Pediatrics
  • Hudson River Radiology
  • Westchester Institute for Human Development





We offer a variety of local dentists as well as specialty dental services in Albany and West Haverstraw. All consumers participate in dental hygiene activities and are schedule for routine 6 month visits.

  • Dr. Conley
  • Kingston Family Practice
  • Albany Center for Disabilities
  • Helen Hayes

These providers work closely with our nursing team to ensure that each consumer receives quality medical care and maintains good health. Medication administration is overseen by our nursing staff and medication administration certified staff.





Individuals participating residential services need well-coordinated medical and dental services. To ensure that people participating in program services have a well-coordinated healthcare plan, Wraparound Services of the Hudson Valley provides each individual with comprehensive nursing services. Our RN and LPN nursing staff ensure that everyone who is providing care is knowledgeable about the consumer’s medication, health care needs, medical appointments, and daily and routine medical treatments. 

With the person’s consent, the nurse will serve as the hub on their medical services team ensuring that all community medical providers are working together to support the person’s health. They will assist the person as needed by scheduling medical appointments and follow up visits and coordinate transportation to medical appointments. The nurse locates medical providers as needed, regarding specialty services and acts as the liaison with the local hospitals. 

The nurses also ensure that all HIPAA privacy requirements are followed by staff and that tracking systems are created to monitor renewal dates for medication. Additionally, they ensure all annual medical appointments are kept current.