Individual Supports and Services (ISS) is a housing subsidy program that assists individuals with developmental disabilities that are looking for alternatives to the traditional group home setting. Individuals with developmental disabilities should have choices in their lives about where they live, with whom they live, what services they receive and who provides services to them. The home one lives in, the neighborhood, nearby amenities, and the proximity to needed services all play a key role in the individual’s overall quality of life.

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This program serves individuals with developmental disabilities that are ready to leave certified community or institutional facilities, living at home with parents or who are homeless. A priority of Wraparound Services of the Hudson Valley, is to provide supports to individuals with developmental disabilities who are interested in planning and managing their own supports. Individuals receiving this service do not require intensive supervision; rather support services and periodic oversight. Individuals in this program typically live alone or with friends or family in apartments in the community. 

The ISS program provides funds to pay for housing costs, and on a limited basis, for such things as food, transportation, and clothing. This program focuses on providing supports to individuals in housing they control.

Housing stipends are based on the individual’s income. Eligible individuals are expected to contribute only 30% of their countable income toward housing expenses. The housing stipend may be applied towards an individual’s mortgage, Condo/Co-op fees, and other direct housing costs as well as rent for utilities. 

As an ISS provider agency, Wraparound Services of the Hudson Valley facilitates, to the extent agreed upon by the participant, the following services: community outreach, assistance in housing negotiation, eligibility determinations, and implementation of the individual’s support plan.