As part of our outreach service, Family Supportive Services (FSS) is a short-term reimbursement program that assists families with the care of their child with developmental disabilities who is living at home.

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Caring for a family member with a developmental disability in the home can be very challenging and stretch the family’s financial resources.  The Family Support Services (FSS) at Wraparound Services of the Hudson Valley is an OPWDD-funded program designed to provide financial support for individuals with a developmental disability who live at home with their families.   The program reimburses families for a variety of goods and services that will assist in care of the individual, promote development, and support overall family stability and unity.


Purchases eligible for reimbursement may include but are not limited to: hourly respite, therapeutic services, recreational services (including summer camp), adaptive toys, or any other service or goods necessary to assist their loved one with a developmental disability.  All services and goods should be clinically appropriate and will only be considered if not covered by Medicaid (Medicaid denial may be required, at times).


Whether the individual and/or family’s need is respite services, which provide relief for a caregiver, or provide communication aides (such as speech amplifiers and adaptive computer hardware/software), or support summer camp for the individual the goal is to help people with developmental disabilities lead richer lives that include meaningful relationships, good health and personal growth.


Population and Geographic Area Served

The FSS program supports individuals who have secured eligibility from the OPWDD and live at home with a family member. Unless otherwise noted, FSS serves individuals in the Taconic DDRO Region (Ulster, Dutchess, Putnam and Columbia)


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