WSHV operates three ICFs, which are located in Ellenville, Saugerties and New Paltz. Each of these programs are co-ed facilities and most individuals have their own rooms. These residential programs provide 24-hour care to consumers who have severe physical, medical, and intellectual disabilities. Our ICF’s have a high level of staff to person ratios ensuring that each person has the individualized support that they need to thrive and live a full life. Individualized Plans (CFA’s) are developed for each person using a person centered approach involving all members of the Circle of Support. 

Hillcrest house: tan brick building with blooming trees

Hillcrest Residence, Ellenville

Opened in 1982, our Hillcrest Residence is home to fourteen medically fragile men and women. This spacious facility provides residents ample space for recreation and relaxation including a fully furnished lower level that is accessible via an elevator.  Individuals are offered views of mountains and beautifully landscaped grounds.

Lasher Residence, Saugerties

Opened in 1981, our Lasher Residence is an eight bed co-ed facility located on a quiet street just outside the village of Saugerties. Lasher residents and staff are well known for their high level of community involvement and support.

Lasher House: tan brick building with ramp and hanging flowers in front

carroad residence: brick building with ramp in front

Carroad Residence, New Paltz 

In June of 1992, the Carroad Residence was opened in New Paltz to address the growing need to provide a home for young adults who had “aged-out” of programs suitable for children. Initially named, “Yankee Folly” the residence name was changed in 2012 to honor Pam Carroad who served as a staff member and Executive Director for 34 years.