Wraparound Services of the Hudson Valley, Inc. (“the Agency”) has established a Corporate Compliance Program that takes a comprehensive, organizational approach. As a not-for-profit service provider licensed by the New York State Office for People with Developmental Disabilities and New York State Education Department, we are dedicated to improving the everyday lives of people with developmental disabilities.

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Wraparound Services of the Hudson Valley is committed to its mission and values, person-centered planning, fulfilling its legal duties, and creating a culture of ethical behavior that promotes prevention, detection, and resolution of conduct that does not conform to laws, regulations, payor requirements or Agency principles.  

The Agency’s Code of Conduct is applicable to the entire WSHV community, reflecting our commitment to, among other things: quality of life, personal outcomes and gaining the trust and confidence of those the Agency serves; high standards and ethical behavior; integrity, team-work, trust and respect; avoiding conflicts of interest; records which are accurate, timely and in compliance with regulatory requirements; confidentiality and protecting privacy rights; safeguarding Agency assets; and reporting issues and asking questions.

Wraparound Services of the Hudson Valley’s Corporate Compliance Program encompasses the eight key elements that have been specified as requirements for compliance programs.  A fundamental component of Corporate Compliance is education and training.  The Agency provides training to all employees and its Board of Directors.  Our training program communicates the Agency’s mission, values, compliance expectations, reporting mechanisms and handling of instances of potential noncompliance.  The Agency’s Board of Directors and Administration are vested in the implementation, enforcement and oversight of the Agency’s Corporate Compliance Program.

The Agency has an active Quality Improvement and Basic Assurances Committee, with the Agency having received CQL Accreditation from the Council on Quality and Leadership.  The Agency is committed to providing high quality, person centered services and supports for the people it serves.  In order to meet its quality goals, the Agency continuously collects and analyzes information relating to services to identify trends and patterns where improvement efforts might be helpful to further achieving the Agency’s mission. Through comprehensive program reviews, the Agency develops strategies for improvement which are specific and measurable.  Through established committees and collaborative efforts with the individuals, family members, internal program staff and others, the Agency seeks to improve processes, address barriers, and brainstorm regarding opportunities to enhance the Agency’s positive impact on the individuals it serves and its community as a whole.

Wraparound Services of the Hudson Valley’s Quality Improvement Plan is committed to quality in everything we do.  The Agency’s Quality Improvement Plan is prepared annually in furtherance of the Agency’s mission and value statements founded on professionalism, dignity, integration, accountability and innovation.   Linked is a summary of the Agency’s 2023 Quality Improvement Plan.  For a complete copy of the Plan, please contact the Quality Assurance Department.

Wraparound Services of the Hudson Valley- 2023 Quality Improvement Plan Summary

For more information regarding WSHV’s HIPAA Policies please see the agency’s Notice of Privacy Practices.